Strong & Free

"Free from self-doubt & free from negativity.  It's the most empowering feeling...." She describes herself as ordinary but we can tell you she is anything but ordinary, read on to find out more about our kind, strong & beautiful trainer Nani.

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What is your favourite workout?  Lunge side to side on BOSU, make it more challenging, make it plyometric with jumping side to side. Leg and glute work

Share with us the tastiest meal or snack you have eaten this week? I made Gado Gado, it’s an Indonesian salad. The original recipe uses peanut sauce, I used almond butter, some apple cider vinegar and some honey for sweet tangy dressing. I love tofu and tempe, these are staple ingredients in this dish and of course lots vege.

What is your favourite song, or playlist, to sweat to? I use Fitradio, it has all genres of music, I work out to anything that is 130-140 BPM when I do HIIT, strength training I’ll go for hip hop or rock, like Metallica Enter Sandman 😊

What does your weekly workout schedule look like? Monday – HIIT, Tuesday – Piloting Barre, Wednesday – at home circuit training, Thursday – PT strength training and agility with RB, Friday – rest, Saturday – outdoor Bootcamp, Sunday – 1hr cycle or jogging at ECP.

Are you a Morning Lark or a Night Owl? Morning Lark

Who inspires you? Strong women, not just physically, women who one day realize they have the strength to do what they have been dreaming of for so long, and they finally did it, that realization and the courage that it took to do it, its inspiring! And the feeling afterwards, I want to be in all of their shoes to feel that feeling of liberation and freedom. Free from self-doubt and free from negativity. It’s powerful!

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? I’m quite ordinary, I do ordinary things 😊I entered the Viper Challenge, but didn’t complete the race because I was injured, it was hard not being able to finish it, but proud of my teammates who made it to the end.

Name 3 things on your ‘bucket list’ I only have one at this moment: Take my daughter on a mother-daughter trip after she graduates from college to places I had been before she was born (she’s only 7 now 😊)

What superpower do you wish you could have? To heal

What is the best thing about being a Trainer? Being a part of someone’s transformation journey

‘To Plan’? or ‘Go with the Flow’? Both. I like to know what is going to happen but at the same time I’m flexible.

Tell us one thing that we did not know about you? I binge watch on Netflix, I finished watching Stranger Things in 2 nights 😊