HIIT Flex Flow: What it is and why you need to get on board

By Laura Wood

What do HIIT (High intensity interval training) and yoga have in common? Well, if compared like for like, nothing really. But when combined, they are a match made in heaven and complement each other in such an astronomical way.

HIIT Flex Flow is about combining certain elements of HIIT training, involving sweaty-induced intervals, pushing our bodies to our limits and then enabling active recovery through calmer exercises that help strengthen, lengthen and tone us.

Here’s why you need to try it:


1)    It’s results-focused: We become stronger and leaner

It’s a known fact that HIIT can help us burn more calories, and helps us become more toned and defined. Incorporating HIIT into continuous exercise has been found to significantly increase excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – sometimes for up to 24 hours after a training session.  (Read: 4 Fat-burning reasons to try HIIT)

Yoga on the other hand, promotes flexibility and targets our muscles and makes us stronger, all while maintaining a lean physique. For example, Vinyasa yoga can burn around 535kcals in 60 minutes.

The point is that any type of physical exercise done in HIIT format can deliver quality results.


2)    Give us total balance

Our bodies need balance. From the activities we do in our day-to day lives, to the variety of exercises we perform, balance helps keep us focused and sharp. So whilst HIIT and yoga couldn’t be further away from each other in terms of intensity, together, they provide the perfect balance of strength training and flexibility, helping to sculpt lean and beautiful muscles.


3)    It will transform your body and mind

Exercise not only makes us look good on the outside, but it releases happy hormones called endorphins, and yoga helps cleanse and relax our mind – and combat stress. You’ll walk away feeling amazing and refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges the day will throw at you.


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