Jane's Credentials 

  • BSc Hons Biotechnology
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE) 
  • TRX Certified Instructor
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist, (ACE) 
  • MetaFit Training Coach (MetaFit Asia Pacific & USA)
  • 2013 Phil HeathChina Tour training Camp

About Jane

Jane is a Scottish Mum of two terrific teenage girls. Formerly a Scientist yet always passionate about fitness and wellbeing, Jane earned her ACE Personal Trainer certification whilst living in Shanghai. 

After watching dedicated clients transform over time into fitter, more energetic people with greater muscle tone and confidence, she realised she had made the perfect career change.

Now living on Sentosa, Jane is loving the challenge of outrigger canoeing and stand up paddle boarding.

Jane is overjoyed to be part of the energetic Momentum Team.