Our Classes

Variety is the spice of life and we want to make sure all our clients have plenty of options to stay moving and challenging themselves weekly.  

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Signature Bootcamps

Momentum’s Signature Bootcamps are a mix of strength and interval training. We love using free weights (kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, skipping ropes, medicine balls, agility ladders and more) and body weight exercises to ensure you have a brilliant workout, that’s never repeated twice.

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Abs, Butt & Cardio

This 45 min butt lifting, thigh firming, ab-forming class will have you feeling every single muscle in your body and loving the results. By matching toning exercises with a very short high intensity cardio set you are guaranteed to get your sweat on that target these perceived trouble-zones.



A cross between Momentum’s Signature Bootcamp and RunClub. You’ll set off around the scenic Singapore, performing running drills along with strength or core stations to rest your legs before you hit a new location.  Suitable for anyone desiring to become a stronger more confident runner. 



Our HIIT classes are 45 minutes long (with a good warm up and cool down). Think high knees, burpees or anything plyometric (jumping) and you’ll get the picture. HIIT is a training technique in which you give your all-out effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Its a fat burning, metabolism firing, effective workout!

Corporate Training 

Momentum offers Corporate fitness training, catering to all fitness levels and abilities.

We incorporate circuit and interval training with a few team or partner challenges to make sure there's a healthy dose of competition and camaraderie in every session. 


Technique, combos, pyramid sets and more. This is a 60 mins of solid boxing all finished with a core crushing focused just on your abs and core. This face paced session will keep your muscles moving while improving your cardiovascular, strength and endurance levels. This class is a great for all fitness levels and most of all - its a lot of fun.


Strong & Lean

This slower paced strength class focuses on technique and form. Slow controlled compound and functional movements will give maximum metabolic and strength gains. Think lean muscle, increased tone and some serious after burn fat burning. 


Run Club @ the Track

Think Running, Sprints, Interval and more Running. This class will take you out of your comfort zone, but only in order to help you in becoming a faster and more efficient runner. Whether you just want to build your running confidence or you're training for a 5km, 10km, half or full marathon - this class is for you. 

Core Flow Yoga

If you want to improve your core strength, mobility and alignment - this class is for you. Each session aims to strengthen and condition the core by using various yoga poses and sequences. You are guaranteed to be challenged and stretched and feel lighter for it! Suitable for all fitness levels. 

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Run Strong

Combining strength and interval training all in one session, this class suits all levels of runners who are looking to increase their strength and aerobic capacity.  The class is includes a strength session with exercises specifically tailored to keep you strong and injury free whilst running, and an interval session to help improve your aerobic capacity and speed. 



Exploring different running routes around Singapore, this class will help you build up your weekly mileage on your longer runs. Every week the route distance will increase in line with your stamina and endurance.  We will meet at route start point each week, where you choose to tackle the run on your own, or with other runners of similar pace (or those that will push you a little bit harder!) Its your choice. 

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Stretch & Mobility

This class uses yoga mobility techniques in addition to flexibility focused exercises which will dramatically improve your overall strength, range of motion and so much more.

The techniques used will activate dormant muscles, develop muscle awareness and release the restricted muscle tissues that can cause imbalances, injury and pain.

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“I worried about not being able to keep up. I worried about being the slowest in the class.

Finally I screwed up my courage and I have been hooked ever since.  I love the friends I’ve made through Momentum and I love that I’m stronger, tougher and fitter than I ever thought I could be.”
— Julianne Martin