Shireen's Story


I started Momentum Bootcamps 9 months ago. At the time I was using Guava Pass so I could try different studies and gyms so I could find what works best for me. I needed to be challenged to actually loose the weight that I gained from living in Singapore for 3 1/2 years.  I attended Casee's class first and she did sprint drills that evening and I practically cried the first session. This challenge is what drove me to come back again and again because I wanted to get fitter and wanted to be healthier.


I am a preschool teacher, the hours are high with me working at least 10 hours a day and sometimes more than that. Momentum's schedule with 6.15am & 7.00am classes worked perfectly as I can always sneeze this into my schedule. The fact that I have to rush off to work after (and shower at work) does't bother me as I am happy to do this just so I can fit a session into my day.  I feel so satisfied and accomplished after a workout. 

My motivation initially was to loose weigh but now it's just so much more. Today I feel so much more accomplished, happier and healthier. I can see the results in my body and am so much more confident in the way I look. I used to get sick at least once every week it was such a horrible time. I have never been caught with the flu since I started Momentum, not even a cough

I love variety in my workouts and include  HIIT, Yoga, Bootcamp and Boxing.  Momentum challenges me everyday that makes me want to come back for more. ( Doing one push up was even impossible for me before. )  The different styles of the sessions never leave me bored and I always want to come back and love to challenge myself physically and so do the trainers(haha). 


I personally appreciate every single trainer who helped me especially when i had my knee injury. You all had so much understanding and patience. There was a moment I was so shy and ashamed cause I didnt want the trainers to modify anything only for me because it was a group class. I couldn't even run because my knee would hurt really bad. Even until now I cant run for long. But you are all so patient and understanding and so much passion and i am so grateful for that. I could've stopped my fitness journey but I had already felt so comfortable and accustomed to everyone that it was already was like family and stopping wouldve made me so unhappy. So thank you momentum and everyone behind it.