Eve's Story

The "Energiser Bunny" on the East Coast. Eve, who attends up to 5 classes per week including, Bootcamp, Hiit & Yoga, is unstoppable!

What Eve says about Momentum:

"As I tell everyone, I love the Momentum Community.

It provides a structured and challenging environment that pushes me to maintain my discipline.

Over this year and a half, I have not only become so much stronger but the peace and calm that is a by-product of the exercise is as important to me as the physical workout. The ritual of exercise is as much physical as it is emotional.

Thanks for all you do to create this wonderful community of people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and body shapes who all have a commitment to being the best they can be."

What Momentum Coaches say about Eve:


"Eve inspires the rest of the crew with her love for bootcamp and commitment to her overall workout routine. She always strives to be greater and her enthusiasm and positively is such a blessing to have in class.

Eve is a true inspiration as she strives to achieve a great life balance while loving everything that she does. She is a successful business woman mom & fitness enthusiast."

"Eve is a dedicated client who rarely misses a session, shows up ready to work her hardest, and frequently asks for input on her form because she cares about being strong and fit. She leads the pack during runs and loves seeing her flexed muscles -- which her daughters deny are possible. She motivates other clients by counting down reps, grunting, and cheering. Eve is an inspiration to everyone around her!"