Shailesh & Ayesha

Meet power couple, Shaliesh & Ayesha. These two prove that you can have it all, as they juggle family, fitness and successful careers. Over the past couple of years they have gone from strength to strength. Their commitment to their health and fitness is inspirational, they are no stranger to landing at Changi airport and heading to a class within the hour. Read more to hear what they have to say about their fitness journey.


What prompted you to join your first session?

Ayesha: A friend used to go to your classes and she encouraged me to try out a class - I went to the first class with great trepidation - thinking that I would just not be able to keep up or fit in with these ultra fit enthusiasts - was a bit scared truth be told!

Shailesh: My wife! She kept telling me what a great work out this was - and I decided to check it out...though I must say that I kept questioning my decision to join when working my way through the first couple of classes - but then I was hooked!

What keeps you coming back?

Ayesha: It's just such a great community - you see the same familiar faces - great camaraderie - and of course a full body workout that just keeps you going. I started out with just once a week and now I am up to 3 sessions a week time permitting - it is truly addictive.

Shailesh: The variety, the unpredictability of what's going to get thrown at you and the fact that it is a full body workout..and great trainers and familiar faces.


What do you enjoy about the sessions?

Ayesha: The fact that I keep getting challenged and manage to keep rising to the increased intensity with every class!

Shailesh: Keep getting pushed by the fact that there are others around you - and the team work adds a healthy competitive edge - competing with yourself and against others...

Who motivates who to go to the sessions?

Ayesha: Used to be me - but now Shailesh has crossed the hurdle and we sign up together or on our own depending on our travel schedules. And honestly we are both so competitive (healthy competition! no  pun intended) that even if one of us is jet lagged, we absolutely drag ourselves to class if the other is going!

What does your weekly fitness routine as a couple, look like?

The 2-3 sessions a week we do as a couple and then another couple of days where we do our own thing......Shailesh plays tennis, I go cycling or we work out at our club...

What words of advice would you give to someone who is keen to try a session, but is a bit nervous for their first time?

Ayesha/Shailesh: Just go for it - it can be intimidating at first, but the team at Momentum is super professional and accommodate for different fitness levels. And quite honestly, once you have a few classes under your belt - you are hooked!