Angelina's Story

I started training with Momentum Bootcamps as soon as we had settled into our new house after moving to Singapore in late 2016. We moved here from London as a family of 4, with 2 under 2, so there was loads to manage in addition to a full time job. 

I’ve always loved exercise and being outdoors. I’m probably addicted to the endorphins if nothing else! I also suspected that doing something like bootcamp would give me an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests away from the school gates or the work environment. Thankfully, I was right!! I’ve made some good friends through bootcamp, and we have the added benefit that our kids (mostly) get on too. So socialising in a way that involves the kids becomes possible. And so easier to make time to build a friendship. Frankly, even when the kids wind each other up we force them to hang out so we get to chat.

I never think of coming to Momentum as a chore, it’s just something I do. The fact that I upgraded to I an Unlimited Package, just means I never have to think about the need to renew my package, and shows how much a part of my weekly routine it has become. The best bit about it is that I think of it as an opportunity to hang out with friends and get a chance to catch up with everyone’s news. The trainers all have a different style, and the variety keeps it interesting. I never feel like I’m giving anything up to be at bootcamp, only that I’m gaining something by being there. 

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