• Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) Certified Health Coach (ACE)

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • Pre and postnatal fitness specialist coach (ACE, FIT Singapore)

  • Registered General Nurse Since 20003

About Ang

Ang was born and lived in Scotland until 2010 when she, her husband and eldest son moved to Saudi Arabia, where their second son was born. Since the move overseas she and her family have lived in various countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

And has always been active but it wasn't till her 20’s that she got serious about exercise. It all started with netball, which she still plays casually here in Singapore and circuit training classes. These days Ang enjoys running, weight training, yoga and meditation which she feels offers her a calm and balanced mindset.

Ang’s goal with every client is to take them on a life altering journey. She coaches everyone she works with to review their current lifestyle, outline their personal goals, and begin to achieve each goal one small step at a time, whilst teaching them how to make changes that they can implement no matter what is going on in the their lives at any given time.

Ang is passionate about spreading the ‘improved lifestyle’ bug, so much that she has written an ebook on how to eat, move and think your way to a brand new lifestyle, with the whole body in mind, the book addresses all aspects of the person from physical to spiritual and all of the other important facets of a great quality of life. She loves the buzz of coaching groups of clients and loves to see each client up their game in every session in order to keep up with their fellow group participants and reach their personal lifestyle goals at the same time. 

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