Q: What can I expect from Momentum Bootcamps?

Expect variety, high energy, fun and a whole lot of sweat. We specialise in strength and interval training and use free weight and body weight exercises to increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

We cater for pre and post natal clients, working professionals, fitness fanatics and first timers so please don’t feel intimidated. Come expecting to meet a great bunch of people and know you're in for a challenging and rewarding workout!

Q: What if I'm not as fit as everyone else?

Good question. Check out how our regular Momentum clients responded to this exact question HERE.

If you’re worried about being the new face then fear not as EVERYONE at Momentum will make you feel very welcome.
From the personal touch of the trainers to the stunning locations, I highly recommend Momentum Bootcamps if you want to push yourself whilst still having fun.
— James McCaughey

Please don't be intimidated. We are all at different fitness levels and there are always modifications, progressions and regressions for every exercise. With consistent training, you will find your strength and fitness levels improve quickly. Just hang in there. Don't compare your beginning with someone else's middle.

Q: What is the expiry date on your packages?

Great question. Here you go!

Single class - 1 week

5 sessions - 8 weeks

10 sessions - 3 months

20 sessions - 6 months

Q: Why do I need to sign into class?

This just helps us control numbers so that sessions don’t get too big. It also means we can make sure we have enough equipment available for everybody and we're giving every client the attention they deserve. 


Q: What's your class cancellation policy?

One of our key philosophies at Momentum is to keep our numbers capped at 16 clients per session or below, so YOU get the most out of every workout.

If you can't make it, please respect our cancellation policy in providing your trainer with at least 8 HOURS notice so that we can offer your spot to another client on our waitlist, and you won't be charged for the session.

Its a win-win for all.


Q: What happens if it's raining?

We encourage all our clients to register for their class in advance. That way you will be notified by your trainer if a class needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather.  You will NOT be charged for a session if it's been cancelled by your trainer. You can always text Amanda + 65 8332 7805 or Gemma +65 8876 0949 to confirm if a session is on or cancelled.


Q: Can only ladies attend?

Momentum Bootcamps are open to everyone. All ages, genders and fitness levels. We are also suitable for pre and post natal clients. 


Q: Can my children participate in the session?

There are so many positive benefits for children and teenagers participating in regular exercise but this needs to be conducted in a supervised environment following an age appropriate fitness program.

With this in mind, Momentum Bootcamps clients need to be 16 years and above. 


Q: Should I eat before I train?

Absolutely. Even for our 6:15am early risers, we encourage you to have something in the tank to increase your energy levels and maintain them throughout the 60 minute session.

Click HERE for a great selection of pre-workout meals and HERE for delicious protein snacks you can enjoy on the run. 


Q: My circumstances have changed, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds but if you are relocating, injured or a hardcore workaholic, you can transfer your package to a loved one.


Q: What if I'm just not that into you?

We understand that bootcamps aren't everyones cup of tea. There is no pressure to sign up for a package after your free trial. 

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