Running with Momentum

Momentum Running differs from other running programmes as it caters for all levels of fitness and ability. There are four key programs, each with a slightly different fitness focus:

1.     6-Week Running Programme

This program is perfect for beginners to intermediate level runners wanting to improve their running. It takes all participants back to the basics with key techniques to help become a more efficient, stronger and faster runner. We provide performance coaching and motivation, will track your progress and support you every step of the way!

As part of the program you will have exclusive access to our Momentum Running Community where you can connect with other like-minded runners, share tips on favourite running routes, running tips, and other running related information. At the end of this 6 weeks, we set you the challenge to enter.

Upon signing up to the program you will receive a FREE Momentum Running Race Ready guide, a FREE Momentum Visor, plus the option to purchase a Momentum Running T-Shirt.

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2.     RunCamp

RunCamp caters for those who wish to combine running with short strength or core sets. We pack lightly and set off for a great traveling bootcamp that takes in the beautiful surrounds of the Botanical Gardens. Suitable for anyone desiring to become a stronger more confident runner, and taking their fitness to the next level. 

3.     RunClub

RunClub has a key focus on interval training. The program really pushes participants to train harder, and outside of comfort zone, to improve overall speed and endurance.

It's great for those who want to train in a supportive and comfortable environment where all abilities are recognised, and successes are celebrated.

3.     RunStrong

Combining strength and interval training all in one session, this class suits all levels of runners who are looking to increase their strength and anaerobic capacity. 

The class is includes a strength session with exercises specifically tailored to keep you strong and injury free whilst running, and an interval session to help improve your anaerobic capacity and speed. 

3.     RunFree

Exploring different running routes around Singapore, this class will help you build up your weekly mileage on your longer runs. Every week the route distance will increase in line with your stamina and endurance.  We will meet at route start point each week, where you choose to tackle the run on your own, or with other runners of similar pace (or those that will push you a little bit harder!) Its your choice. 

I have always struggled to run a mile, now I run regularly 3 times a week up to 10kms, and I owe this all to Gemma. She’s an exceptional coach and motivator - I loved Momentum’s Running Program.
— Nicole Bell
If someone is remotely interested in running then it is the group for them. Mixed ages, mixed abilities, different goals but all come together under excellent guidance, support and a very knowledgeable trainer.
— Lisa Blackmore
The runs are always different and challenging. Meeting all the other participants with varied running abilities in the program has been great. Momentum Running offers great source of motivation and really pushes me to aim higher.
— Shu Mei Teo

So what are you waiting for? We invite you to join Momentum Bootcamps on our next run.