The beauty benefits of fitness

By: Vanessa Birch

I wanted to start this piece off by saying that you are beautiful – we all are. The idea of beauty is something that varies from person to person. In my eyes, beauty isn’t about your flawless makeup, or whether you are a 6-foot tall tanned model (far from it!), instead it’s about how good you feel in your own skin and the inner confidence you radiate.

I’m a firm believer in the link between regular exercise and ‘beauty’. Exercise reduces anxiety and stress levels, and we all know that when you feel less stressed, we laugh and smile more. It’s an amazing feeling and it shows!

American businessman, author, and philanthropist, Tony Robbins, once said “Emotion is created by motion, the way you move determines how you’ll feel”, and I 100% agree.

Energy creates energy, and the more we move, the better off we’ll be.

Here are some great beauty benefits that I’ve been enjoying from regular exercise:

1-    Feeling confident - Nothing is more attractive than the self-assurance that comes from feeling good in the skin you're in. When you exercise regularly you start to appreciate your body and its capacity to move, react and perform – and you can become more confident as a bi-product. When we understand that our body is a blessing (no matter what size) and should be treated with love and respect, your inner and outer beauty start to align. 

2-    Get that ‘afterglow’ – With a good workout comes increased blood circulation around your face that helps release hormones and makes the skin look and feel healthier.

3-    Natural anti-ageing treatment – Wrinkles be gone! Exercise is said to boost the natural production of collagen, helping your skin better repair itself, therefore slowing down the natural ageing process.

4- More restful and rejuvenated - Studies show that people who exercise for 150 minutes or more a week, sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day. Sleeping better leaves you looking fresh and healthy. 

Friends,  I encourage you to move often, to be proud of the journey you are on, and the body that's taking you on this incredible ride.

You're beautiful and you better believe it! x

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