Rene's Story

"Not sure exactly when I joined but it was right at the start of the Momentum journey – I think in 2014. I remember starting to follow Ness on Facebook and then she announced starting bootcamp sessions with the first two weeks free as trial! They were at her condo which was close by and the timing worked out well with work (6:15am!) so I went and have never looked back!

I love everything about Momentum from the people, to trainers to workouts. Life would have its demands, but the consistency of Momentum Bootcamps and always being there has made it easy and great to be part of the tribe. 2016 was not a very good year for me and it was so great to know that the trainers and fellow bootcampers were always there to stand by you even though they might not even know how much it means to you or what battles you are fighting personally.  I have come to truly love my little tribe here in Singapore and don’t even want to think about ever moving away! Not sure how I would ever replace this community!

I have completed two BBM’s and found that the focus and mindfulness it creates is something I can use in my daily life on an ongoing basis - creating lifelong habits. I love the variety of classes and timings which enables me as a fulltime working mother of 2 to do 3 sessions a week - which is fantastic!

I will continue to always recommend Momentum Bootcamps to whomever asks and I always bring my guest that are visiting for a nice sweaty session! I remember complaining to Amanda C during one RunCamp session that it feels that I train so much, but yet it doesn’t get any easier. Amanda’s reply has stuck with me and I quote her often with my mates when we discuss their fitness journeys – “It never gets any easier, as the more you train the more you push yourself and you continue to get stronger and fitter”. Love it and so so true!

Momentum Bootcamps truly creates momentum in and out of exercise gear!"