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Our trainers are a special bunch. We have built a great team of trainers that work beside you, making sure you achieve your goals through support, quality coaching, motivation and dedication.

Check out below who's going to become your next best butt kicking buddy!









Ness Birch, a passionate Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, founded Momentum Bootcamps in 2014 with a focus on small group training with a personalised touch. 

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Amanda C

Co-Director of Momentum Bootcamps, Amanda's background in health care and fitness has given her a passion for training that helps you to hit your goals in the best way for you.

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Casee has been a personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor for over 10 years.  Her love for fitness comes from the challenge it offers and positivity it brings.

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Gemma is a self proclaimed bootcamp and spinning addict, and a talented runner, having completed a number of half marathons, marathons & triathlons across Asia.  

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As a former client, Tami was awarded the "Trainer in Waiting" Award in 2015 at a Momentum social event and this ignited her passion to earn her personal training certification. Now she loves challenging her clients & mates on the East Coast.

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Laura discovered yoga after three challenging pregnancies. The practice not only enhanced her strength, but she soon realised the beautiful impact yoga made to her life - off the mat. This proved to be the catalyst to study yoga and to share this restorative practice with others.

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Ash has been an active figure in the health & fitness industry in this region for more than 14 years. He does his daily grinds as a Master Trainer & Facilitator of fitness courses, Personal Trainer, Elite Performance Strength & Conditioning Specialist as well as a Stroke Exercise Specialist.

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Christy has always been keenly into health and fitness. She caught the bug for HIIT training back in the UK while attending British Military Fitness bootcamps.

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Fitness has become a way of life, and after having twins, Helen was even more keen to get back into exercise, and so joined Momentum firstly as a client and soon an instructor.

A down to earth and creative girl at heart, you'll love every one of Helen's sessions. 

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