The Secret to Washboard Abs

People always ask me how do I get washboard abs? I tell them it's simple.. 

If you want washboard abs, you need to focus on 3 things. NUTRITION. NUTRITION. NUTRITION. Analysing what you eat can have a PROFOUND impact on how successful you'll be at achieving your weight loss goals and rocking a 6 pack. 

Interesting fact: if you smash out 4 hrs of exercise a week (which is tough for most people to do) that still only represents 2% of your week. 

What you eat is paramount to achieving your weight loss results. Find below my essential nutrition tips as well as one of my fav quick result ab workouts

My Essential Nutrition Tips for Washboard Abs : 

1. Create a rainbow at every meal with loads of veggies, complex carbs, high protein and healthy fats (avocado & nuts). 

2. Watch your portions - even if you're eating healthy, nutritious meals you could be overeating.

3. You feel "fuller" when you eat more protein so load up on protein ; meat, fish, tofu, lentils, nuts, eggs and seeds. 

4. If your grandma wouldn't recognise what you're eating...then best to ditch it or keep it in very low (reward meal) portions.