Anna's Story

Hey Ness

I spent last weekend in Luang Prabang doing my first run - something I NEVER even considered possible before I began attending your Monday bootcamp class in the Botanic Gardens. 

I tried that class primarily because of Tanya, a good friend who had recommended Momentum. However, in addition to strengthening my friendships at these sessions, I also grew as a person without even noticing.

Committing to that class pushed me out of my comfort zone, and after having realised that, I now find myself trying to push other pre-conceived obstacles.

When my friends signed up for the Luang Prabang run, I shrugged it off because I thought I would never be able to run. But they kept on telling me I could do it precisely because I could do bootcamp. 

So I signed up, changed my original intent from running just 7km to 14km, and attempted some form of additional training. I am happy to share that for my first ever run, I clocked in 14km in 90 minutes.

I came in 46th (out of a total of 174 runners across three different distances - 7km, 14km, and 21km), 11th out of 82 women, and 5th in my age category!

I honestly could not have done this run without you.

I really owe so much to you, the Momentum trainers and community. It's such an integral part of who I am now, and I absolutely love knowing that there is a whole tribe that really has got every member's back! 

Anna xx

(positioned in the middle)