Nicole's Story

So...i really did it! I completed my first 10k run and based on my running app, i clocked in about 1hr 5min. 

This was only possible because of the support and words of wisdom from my wonderful trainers and community, and i would like to thank you guys for helping me get to the finishing line. 🙌🏻 💪🏻

I was properly hydrated (the past few days), ate properly, didn't overtrain (as what was advised to me!), and just focused on enjoying the run as I would normally. I felt good running the entire 10k and wasn't super tired, I even felt like I could have gone further!

It feels really good to know that I have done what I initially thought was impossible. 

So if i can do it, anyone can! 
Thank you guys again! 

xx Nic, a runner.