Zoe's Story

I love Momentum - you make everyone feel happy, positive and capable. We may get grumpy when we have to do 150 burpees but we love you and we keep coming back!!

I started with signing up for the Body By Momentum Challenge last September and instantly felt at ease with the trainers, having felt unfit for a long time, you got me moving and enjoying exercise again! I find when I exercise I want to be healthier and eat better - so it's a good cycle to be in.

I've enjoyed it so much that I am now determined to make the classes part of my weekly routine. I book in a week in advance so I schedule everything else around the classes I have committed to. I now get a bit panicked if I go away and don't have my classes to go to! 

The groups are lovely and small and you don't feel intimidated at all.

The trainers are so good and know when to push you further. I enjoy the encouragement from the whole group who aren't competing but who are genuinely happy for you if you look fitter, can run faster, can jump higher or whatever it might be.

I've made some really great friends and it's a wonderful community to be part of - thank you for building that!