On Top of her Game

A dedicated & passionate trainer, Tami truly cares about each and everyone of her clients.  When it comes to her sessions she can be  a tough cookie, that's right, one with the biggest heart.  Describing herself as a closet night owl, Tami shares with us the hardest thing she has ever done, and why she loves being a trainer. 


What is your favourite workout? I don’t have one particular favorite workout.  I quickly scroll through my lastest fascination – currently HIIT BURN – and pick something that piques my interest.

Share with us the tastiest meal or snack you have eaten this week?I love tacos, and my go-to snack is a seed and dried fruit mix from Enjoy Life, Not Nuts!

What is your favourite song, or playlist, to sweat to? Ah, the East Coast campers know my wonderful husband makes my playlists for me!

What does your weekly workout schedule look like? Monday – Casee's evening HIIT class, Wednesday – quick, HIIT-style workout at home, Thursday – Yin yoga, Friday – big cycle to Changi and back, Saturday and Sunday – walk, cycle, swim with the family. I spend time to stretch every day.

Are you a Morning Lark or a Night Owl? I’m a closet night owl; I don’t like that I stay up too late sometimes.

Who inspires you? My older cousin, Kristin, has always been a role model to me: she’s driven, fiercely independent, and a risk-taker.  She’s a dedicated teacher, wife, and mom who cares passionately about what she believes in.  I love who she is!

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What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Suffering through loneliness and homesickness in Spain during a year-abroad in college after having just spent two weeks with my parents and brother for Christmas break was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt.

Name 3 things on your ‘bucket list’ I’m not a bucket list person.  I hope to seize interesting opportunities as they arise and be willing to go out of my comfort zone.  That said, I do really want to visit my childhood best friend, Kari, in Juneau, Alaska.

What superpower do you wish you could have? I wish I could put fluffly clouds and blow giant breezes over our outdoor workout spaces!


What is the best thing about being a Trainer? I greatly appreciate the love I get back from the happiness and pride clients feel when they’ve conquered a challenge.

To Plan’? or ‘Go with the Flow’? Definitely “to plan!”

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Tell us one thing that we did not know about you? My first-ever training run as an adult (mid-twenties) was completed on my living room carpet in front of the TV because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to actually do it, and I was too self-conscious to run outside.  I completed my first triathlon a few months later.