• Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Sports and Exercise Science at Edinburgh Napier University.

  • FISAF certified Aerobic and Group Exercise Instructor. 

About Crystal

As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for 6 years, I’ve worked with different individuals of various background. I find that when people finally work out something that they can consistently do and actually enjoy doing them, they end up with the best transformation.

Being surrounded by fitness with my husband being a professional triathlete I know what dedication & motivation it takes to reach goals regardless of how big or small they may be.

After becoming a first-time mom in November 2018, my view in health and fitness changed tremendously. I now understand the physical demands put on your body as a mom and it has given me a whole new found level of respect for the female body.

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle means I will be giving my family and loved ones the best version of myself. I believe that fitness is all rounded which includes not only endurance and strength but also flexibility and mobility. Good form, increased range of movement and proper technique goes a long way to remain injury-free and that is one of the most important key to improving one’s quality of life.

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