Fitness Bunny Workout

This 20min workout is inspired by the Easter Bunny himself. It revolves around jumping like a bunny which burns calories, tones your muscles and increase your strength and endurance. So put down that chocolate egg and lets get going.

30 Secs: Jumping Jack Rabbits (Jumping Jacks)

60 Secs: Criss Cross Crunchies (Ab Bicycle Crunches)

30 Secs: Bunny Kicks (donkey kicks)

** Eight Burpees**

60 Secs: Side Plank Chocolate Dips (30 each side)

30 Secs: Hippity Hoppity Skips (regular or air skipping)

60 Secs: Most EGGcellent Plank 

** Eight Burpees**

30 Secs: Run Rabbit Run (High Knee Runs)

60 Secs: Hot Cross Bunnies (Criss Cross Squat Jumps)

30 Secs: Bunny Hops (Broad Jumps)

** Eight Burpees**


Repeat x 2-3 Rounds