Bride Body

By Courtney Gleason

Hey Brides-to-be! First off – CONGRATULATIONS!

Getting “wedding ready” isn’t just about losing or maintaining weight, it is about becoming the healthiest, most radiant version of yourself for your big day!



Cardio? Weights? Yoga? Barre? Boxing? The truth is – any exercise is better than no exercise. However, most of you are working, planning a wedding, and adulting, so time is limited! If you find yourself asking what exercise you should do in your limited amount of time, never fear! I am here to help.

 HIIT circuits are evidence-based exercise programs proven to be the best bang for your buck. What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training. With this type of training, you give 100% of your effort for an amount of time, followed by a short period of (sometimes active) rest. Below is a HIIT circuit I used to help shred some of those last vanity pounds before my big day.

HIIT Circuit:

45 seconds on x 15 seconds off; 3 rounds for a total of 15 minutes

  •      Pop squats

  •      Plank shoulder taps with push up

  •      Star jumps with ground taps

  •      Plank with knee touches

  •      In and out jump squats

(P.s. –we have a great HIIT classes offered at Momentum that targets those dress-hugging areas!)


No one likes to talk about diets. In fact, I hate the word diet! There is nothing worse than forbidding yourself to eat something you crave. Whether losing weight or maintaining weight is your goal, I am here to help you figure out the very best way to stay healthy for your big day.

1.     First, you cannot spot reduce fat! If you are looking to lose those last vanity pounds, it is important to be in a calorie deficit every day. If you are looking to maintain, your calories in should equal your calories burn. Simple math!

2.     Don’t buy into any of those Instagram fads (i.e. detox tea, waist trainers, etc.). They don’t work and are a total waste of money.

3.     Clean it up! Whole, real foods are the way to go.

4.     Eat out less. This is good for not only your health, but also your wallet! Eating at restaurants increases calories in ways you don’t even think about. You can very similar dishes at home using healthier (and often cheaper) ingredients.

5.     Limit alcohol. If you love to go out with your girlfriends, like me, this can be challenging. I found success with my rule of only drinking when out with a group. Also, choosing the type of alcohol you consume is also important! Avoid sugary mixers and go with a classic G+T or vodka water. If you need a little bit of sweet, ask for a splash of cranberry or sprite instead of using as a mixer.

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