How to become a faster runner

With running season around the corner we are all looking for that magic formula on how to get fitter and faster in as less time as possible.

Other than the obvious answer, run more,  adding interval sessions to your weekly running schedule could be just what you are looking for. READ MORE

4. track running - running workouts .jpg

Join us at the track or try this 20 min 'Go to' interval set.

Warm Up

  • 1 x Lap of the track easy
  • 2 x Lap of the track steady
  • Dynamic Stretches including ankle rotations, walking soldiers & walkouts.

Interval Set

  • 1 min easy running around the track
  • 50 seconds hard / 25 seconds recovery (walk if needed) x 10 rounds

Strength Set

  • 10 Deep Squats + 30 sec Squat Hold x 10 rounds
  • 10 Slow Crunches + 30 sec Crunch Hold x 10 rounds

Stretch & Cool Down