Why you should stop late night snacking?

By: Amanda Clement

Guilty of those pesky midnight cravings? Hunger can really strike at any time of the day but the late night ones can be the reason you still might not be seeing the results you want. It’s time to break the bad habit and start eating more efficiently throughout the day to curb these cravings.

Eating dinner and snacking late at night puts a strain on the digestive system. With this comes bloating and restless sleep which can also lead to weight gain in the long term.

Of course, the science of total calories in and calories out still play a role in weight control, however it has been proven that eating right before bed regardless of this can have a negative effect on weight gain. 


Food is the where our body gets its energy from, its our fuel. The more active you are the more fuel you need, and the less active you are the less your require. So unless you plan to head out for a midnight “sleepwalk/run” it doesn’t make sense to eat before you sleep.

Allowing your body a good 12 hours or so overnight without food comes with benefits. Giving your body and digestive system a rest at night not only improves your sleep but it could also be the weight loss solution you have been looking for.

So, how do we break the habit? What can we do to help with these cravings?

  1. Eat a wholesome dinner - include fresh vegetables, wholegrain and lean proteins to fill you up. Avoid processed foods.

  2. Snack during the day on healthy options (check out our healthy snack options )

  3. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, if you have a sweet craving go for licorice root tea it will be sure to hit the spot!

  4. Brush your teeth

  5. Close your eyes and sleep through it

Sleep well, eat well and move daily and you’ll soon be closer to reaching your goals and be buzzing with energy.