Reverse Your Age - heres how

By Amanda Clement

It became a running joke in our house as we wondered if daddy would arrive home with his “little bag of juice!”

Ray and the juice.jpg

My husband, also a fitness fanatic, had felt he had hit jackpot upon discovering EGA juice in Cluny Court. The story of detox, juicing and giving your body the benefits resonated with him particularly after our rather indulgent summer. So, after speaking with real life result, Sh Sumit Nanda (whom had successfully transformed his own health and life by following basic principles offered by ayvuredic), he was sold!

My husband loves to exercise, however he equally loves steak nights and the indulgence that it brings. With his daily exercise regime -  which includes a mix of cycling, personal training, swimming and running - the six pack he has worked so hard for was still hiding underneath there somewhere.

The inspiration he got from Sumit and his true belief in the superiority of this product got me interested. Weeks after this process I suddenly looked at him one day and asked (tongue in cheek) “Have you had Botox?” Suddenly my 40-year-old husband was looking younger, fresh faced with amazing texture in his skin! That is when I decided I have to get on the bandwagon and I am now four weeks in and not looking back. Who doesn’t want younger looking skin?

So what does a detox & regular juicing involve?

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1.     Firstly, we cut out red meat

2.     Completely removed processed foods (which basically we don’t have anyway)

3.     Reduced alcohol consumption to a couple of glasses per week rather than a couple a day

4.     Incorporated ONE juice fasting day per week

5.     Supplement meals with juice daily (our favorites being Miracle, Cleanse & Hardcore Green)


What’s in EGA juices, and how are they different from a regular juice place?

Trust me these are special! Firstly, using the cold press juicing method ensures that all the nutrients are extracted from the fruit or vegetables. Our bodies need nutrients and minerals on a daily basis and it’s almost impossible to get anywhere near the amount we would need by simply eating. Digesting food takes a lot of energy so by juicing, it allows your body time to focus on things such as cleansing, detoxifying and repairing.


Here is what happened after 4 weeks of juicing and detox:

1.     Our sleep improved dramatically! It’s easier to get to sleep and we both wake up before sunrise feeling fresh

2.     We have better mental clarity and motivation

3.     Our skin is looking younger– it’s the best anti-aging treatment!

4.     We have increased energy and fitness levels. We’re able to work out more efficiently and effectively

5.     Better digestion

6.     Weight loss

Seven weeks on, my hubby feels amazing, looks younger, healthier and is in the best shape of his life. Did it come down to the juice or the diet changes or lack of alcohol? I would definitely say a combination. The juice allowed him to control cravings, and it fueled his body with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The hiding six pack may come out one day but if not, every other benefit from this is what is really important.

Remember, toxins are all around us in food, water, beauty products, environment and in stress. Even if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle you still need to detoxify your body.

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