Here’s why you need a workout buddy

We think having a workout buddy (or group of buddies) is pretty important. Workout buddies, when chosen correctly, can be a great source of motivation and inspiration. As humans, we are competitive by nature, and having someone there during your workout to push and challenge you can be one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals. You’ll always want to better each other and let’s face it, a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone.

A workout buddy should be some you obviously like and respect. Someone who you know that will push you and not deter you from your goals. Better still, if you can find someone that shares similar fitness goals and ambitions, then this is a match made in heaven. Most importantly, a good and positive attitude is what you need from your workout buddy. And likewise, something you should also offer back.

So let’s talk about the reasons why workout buddies are the bees knees:



1)    Your workouts are more fun

Yes it’s true: workouts can actually be fun…even when the workout is intense, you can still have a great experience with your buddy. Having a workout buddy or group there with you will see you laughing and sharing moments of joy together as you achieve things you never thought you could. Trust us, it will keep you coming back for more.


2)    You’re a step quicker to achieving your fitness goals

Social interaction and support can really be a driver to achieving your fitness goals. With a workout buddy, you’re more likely to maintain consistency in the frequency of your workouts, and as well, your performance, and less likely to cut corners.



3)    Motivation and Support

They will be your rock. They will be the ones to make sure you get out of bed in the morning to workout. They will push you when you’re about to give up, and they will be there share successes with you. You’re also likely to make healthier food and lifestyle choices when you have a person or group of people cheering you on.


4)    Friendly competition

Here’s where you can have a little bit of fun. Who can out-run who? Who can perform more reps? Your competitive side will kick in and in the process, you’ll likely be able to perform better in your workouts. And hey, it’s all fun!


5)    Variety

You can really learn from each other as both of you can bring your own style to every workout, and benefit from learning something new. Changing up your workouts and trying new exercises together will keep you more determined and motivated to continue.


And there you have it – working out with others can really add some much-needed spice into your fitness routine.

Why not join us for your next workout, and experience the supportive and fun community we have created. Who knows, you might find your buddy with us?

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