Rise and shine Singapore: 5 feel-good reasons to exercise in the morning

By Amanda Clement

Well they say that the early bird catches the worm, and true to that saying, exercising in the morning has its advantages – from more effective weight-loss, to better stress management and deeper sleep.

Now, we get it, mornings aren’t for everyone, but here are some powerful reasons to set that alarm clock early, get up and get exercising (you’re welcome, you’ll thank us later):

1. A clearer and more powerful mind

When it comes to effective mindfulness, exercise is a proven solution. Exercise in the morning helps set you up for the day, clear your mind and make you feel calmer (thanks to those powerful endorphins that are released through our bodies). As a result, you’ll be more positive, feel less stressed and have more headspace to better take on the day.

2. You’ll feel accomplished and be in a great mood

Let’s pause to think about this for a moment… You get your workout done early in the morning (before 9am), then you have the entire day to focus on your other (often very demanding) priorities. As a result, you’ll feel happy, more accomplished and start the day with a great and positive mindset -  and if that’s not winning, then we’re not sure what is?!

3. It’s more effective for weight loss

Yes, you heard it here! Morning workouts are proven to boost your metabolism, burning more calories throughout the day (even when you’re sitting at your desk at work, your body is still burning calories). And as well, you’re also more likely to make healthier food choices throughout the day, as let’s face it, it’s extremely counterproductive to have an amazing workout, feel on top of the world, and then ruin that feeling with that greasy burger. Instead, you’ll feel more inclined to opt for leaner and healthier options fuel your body, resulting in better weight management.

 4. You’ll have more energy

Well yes, you could just reach for that morning cup of coffee to wake you up, but chances are, one the caffeine wears off you’ll be more tired...OR… you can energise yourself naturally and make it last all day. What’s your choice?

Morning exercise is great to get the blood pumping and boost your energy levels. No more yawning at your desk at work at 10am and better yet, kick-starting your day with a workout will keep you going throughout the whole day – meaning you can still have that delicious Cup of Joe, but instead you won’t be dependent on it.

5. You’ll sleep better

Ever wondered why you sometimes struggle to fall asleep after an evening workout session? Well, it’s the same principle applied to the point we made above about feeling energized after a workout – your body isn’t in rest mode. Starting your day with exercise allows your body to take advantage of the benefits throughout the whole day, then enable a quality, deep sleep in the night while it rests and recovers.

Ready to make the most of the day? Try one of our morning workout sessions across Singapore. Book your session HERE and notice the difference.

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